A selection of previous projects developed using Mapbox.GL.js, javascript, kepler.js, HTML + CSS, Turf.js


  • electricvehiclesDensity

    The project aim was to unveil and compare the potentialities of countries and cities around the topic of EV Charge distribution. 

  • passbox

    Interactive map of  the Melbourne cycling network to find which roads are most dangerous to cycle on. 

  • covidLiveMap

    Visualization of data realted with the pandemy evolution in the first phase of 2020, connected live with the source database. 

  • stadiainEurope

    Exploring Sport Venues around Europe and data-driven map styling based on the project characteristics. 

  • Twittermatchday

    Data scraping and recollection of Twitter reactions during the Italian Basketball National matches for World Championship qualification series. 

  • vizRiskNepal

    Evaulating the landslides maps of hazard, exposure and risk for infrastructures and livelihoods in Nepal.

  • fansengagements

    Analysis of fans reactions on social media before, during and after different matches of the Serie A Football Championship. 




freelence map developer

interactive data visualization

mapbox freelancer

GIS analyst

web-based mapping expert

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